Sunday, November 13, 2011

:: October Celebrations ::

The last week of October was full of fun things.

Being that Markus is half Swiss, we celebrated Swiss National Day back in August. October 26th was the day to celebrate the other half of Markus' heritage - National Austria Day. The kids and I made some rice krispy treats, topped them with some white chocolate and sprinkles and this is what Markus came home to.
Although Halloween passed two weeks ago, I couldn't resist posting some pics of the kiddos in their costumes. It took quite some time for them to choose what they wanted to wear for costumes, however once they did, they were both SO excited! As we were walking around Target, Analise saw her costume and decided on the spot that she didn't want to wear anything else.
One can't dress as Dorothy without red ruby shoes!
Jameson took a bit longer to figure out what he wanted to dress up in. He changed his mind daily - first he wanted to be a skunk, then a surfer man, then a space man, then a skunk again, then a hamburger, and back to a surfer man. One afternoon, he was digging in his closet and found something that his Oma Heidi had sent to us when he was born. I had forgotten that we had them until he came running out wearing...real RED LEDERHOSEN!
They were perfect on him! In fact, it is all he wanted to wear for a few days. He was so proud to be an Austrian Boy - just like his dad, his Opa Heinz and his uncle Stefan!
Since Jameson's birthday happens to fall on Halloween, we decided to celebrate him with a fun morning at the park with some of his favorite friends (this was the best picture I could capture with a heap of active kiddos - some in costume and some not)...
They were eager to eat some silly cupcakes!
Before we headed out for Jameson's birthday dinner, Analise requested a quick 'birthday costume photo shoot'. I love that although Analise is dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, she looks more like a little Austrian girl wearing a dirndl next to her brother clad in lederhosen!
Jameson requested to have his birthday dinner at Cafe Cruz (he's a fine diner), so we headed over there where he got the royal treatment...heaps of ice in his water...
...and a birthday sundae on the house!
These two love each other!

And...just to make you laugh (because we sure did...A LOT)...our pumpkins never made it on display at the front of the house this year. They stayed in the back yard. We were pretty pleased with the way our pumpkins turned out - until we lit them up. The kiddos did a great job - all of the things they drew on their pumpkins got carved out. Somehow, the pumpkin I carved was missing something...
Here's to back yard pumpkins and spell check!


Anonymous said...

hey, Jamie James you look great!!!! love have to come to Austria very soon:)...and you, Lisi Lu: a dirndl as good as it gets when you live over the big ocean!!! thanks Nini for the blog.xx
tante claudia

Anonymous said...

cutest costumes ever!!!!! love those adorable kiddies!!!!

Ashley said...

We love the Lettnrs!! And the pic of the kids in their costume screams Christmas picture!!! Get Markus in his leiderhosen (now where is my spell check?) and you have a real framer!!