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Nini is my nickname although it is what I have been called my whole life.  My full name is Nuraini (pronounced Nur - rain - ee).  It is an Arabic name and has nothing to do with my ancestry and everything to do with my parents.  Nini was spawned by one of my brothers, who is just 12 months and 19 days older than me.  Understandably he couldn't say Nuraini so whenever he tried, "Nini" came out.

While living in New Zealand, in 2003, I met a very tall, very Godly, very funny, very loyal, very strong, very very good looking Austrian boy.  Markus has an obsession with real chocolate (and by real I mean Swiss, German, and Austrian chocolate. None of that Hershey's stuff for him), strong coffee, and fishing.  In March 2004, after dating for just under six months, we got married on the beach in Raglan, New Zealand.  We have since been living life in Santa Cruz, CA.

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Three years later we expanded our family from the two of us to three.  Our firstborn joined us in February 2007 after only 4 1/2 hours of all natural labor.  Little Miss is 5 years old and busy as can be.  She is funny, smart, kind, curious, imaginative, and never stops talking.  She sings, dances, wants to be a soccer player, a doctor, a mom, a baker man, a teacher, a chef, a princess, a car washer, an exerciser, a swimmer, a painter, a carpenter, and the best sister ever (she is already good at that one)!

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Just 20 months later, we added another little Lettner and became a family of four.  Our second born joined the clan on the very last day of October 2008 after a speedy 2 1/2 hours of labor - au naturel.  A 3 year old who sees life through the eyes of his 5 year old sister, this little man has been moving fast since his arrival.  He is strong, funny, intuitive, gentle, loyal (like his dad), and adventurous.  He likes all things with wheels, wings, and fur.  He wants to be a train operator, a car driver, a bike rider, a sand castle builder, a dancer, a jumper, a dirt digger, a face dunking swimmer, and the best brother ever!

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We like to eat, play, talk about and learn about Jesus, be creative, go on adventures, jump, swim, cook, skype with family, walk, run, sing, dance, pretend, read, talk, spend lots of time with friends, jump on the bed, build sand castles, draw, color, write letters, encourage people, dress up, explore, and so much more.  

This is Lettner Livin'.