Wednesday, August 3, 2011

:: Celebrating the Swiss ::

August 1st is Swiss National Day.

Did you know that Markus is half Swiss? He got his green card and entered the country with his Swiss passport (coolest passport ever) and we are in the process of registering the kids in Switzerland so they are able to get Swiss passports too.

He gets his 'Swissness' from his mom, Heidi (how perfectly Swiss is that name!?). Here are Heidi and her mother, Alice. Omi Alice just celebrated her 90th birthday!!
Since we Americans get to celebrate the 4th of July, it is only fitting that Markus gets to celebrate the national holidays of his countries as well. So, we decided to celebrate Swiss National Day and Oma Heidi and Omi Alice's July birthdays (both a bit late). To do so, the kiddos and I decided to surprise Markus with some cookies.
As soon as he got home from work, Analise proudly showed him what we came up with! Here are a few...
My cookie decorating skills may not be the best, but Markus got the picture!
Our little Swiss miss loved the cookies!

Happy Swiss National Day and Happy (belated) Birthday Oma Heidi and Omi Alice - the real Swiss Misses! We get to celebrate Austrian National Day in October!


Stef said...

Nini, this was such a cute idea! I love the creativity in it.

Stephanie said...

You are so good at creating fun "every day" memories, Nini! Thanks for being an inspiration.

Have you ever been to Switzerland?