Monday, December 5, 2011

:: Two Weeks of Instagram ::

Instagram - the nifty little iPhone app that has been my go to for quick pictures with cool filters. MIA - me in blogland. Remedy - two weeks of Instagram photos to update you with.

Despite busy schedules, we have had plenty of time to play. Walks to the beach. Bike rides in the rain to the big parking lot on the corner. Basketball practice with dad (have I mentioned that Jameson is a natural with all things sports?)
After the crazy, busy work season for me in September and October, I finally got to some long overdue projects! Markus graciously spent time cutting out heaps of wooden letters for me (I had three sets of names I wanted to give to people as gifts.)
The first coats of paint...
The finished products...put them in the mail this weekend!
And I finally finished up these little onesies for my nephew in Tucson! He will be a dapper little fella (if I do say so myself)!
We celebrated my amazing husband's 33rd birthday as well. I woke up early so he could wake up to freshly baked cinnamon rolls before he went off to work.
During the day, the kids and I got busy making him his favorite trifle.
We also made 33 little fish, each one decorated differently and strung across the house.
So thankful for this man and each day I am blessed with him in my life...
A few days later we celebrated Thanksgiving. We had a mellow day enjoying the sun with a long family walk by the beach. Throughout the week we talked about things we were thankful for and where all of these fabulous blessings come from. We made 'thankful turkeys'.
We went against the grain and did not have any turkey! Yep, it's true - no turkey. In the words of my husband, "If the only time we eat turkey any other time of year is in a sandwich, that's saying something right? There are way better things to eat than turkey." So, we had steak, salad and some fresh bread. Sadly, this is the only picture I got of it...we were too busy enjoying the delicious feast we prepared!
The very next day we did family photos with Jessica (those will be posted soon. Let's just say that I. LOVE. THEM.! After our photo shoot we headed out and got our Christmas tree! It's the most wonderful time of the year!
We love sitting on the couch in the evening to the glow of the tree.
Markus and Analise spent some time making sparkly pinecones.
The weather was a bit confusing last week. Crystal clear blue skies were partnered with a CRAZY wind storm which caused the power to go out for a while (some people were without power for 5 days!). Although trees were falling down and leaves were constantly swirling through the skies the air was warm and made for some stunning views of the bay.

On Saturday we headed to the farmer's market.
That evening we headed to our church for the Vintage Kid's Christmas party. It was SO fun. They did a fantastic job putting it together and every kiddo there was blissful!
We are so thankful for the community we have...which includes you here in blogland. I have much to post and I am on a mission to get back to 'regularly' posting on here ;-)

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Stephanie said...

Wait a minute. Did I know that you have a nephew in Tucson? When are you coming to visit? Seriously. :)

Also - those onesies are ADORABLE. You are a creative genius.