Monday, November 7, 2011

:: A Letter to Jameson ::


I wanted to write you and your sister a letter every year on your birthdays but it never seemed to happen. I have a bit of catching up to do. Better late than never right?

One week ago today, we celebrated your THIRD birthday.
It's hard to believe that it has been three years since you entered the world. After you decided to interrupt a Halloween party you raced into the world after just two and a half hours of labor. And in accordance with your quick arrival, you love to run and ride your bike super fast. You are an early riser, and happy as can be in the morning.
Like the picture above shows, you've been curious since the day you were born. You are full of questions - constantly wondering how and why things work. You like to pray and talk about Jesus. Whenever I ask you who loves you, your first answer without hesitation is, "God and Jesus!" sometimes you add, "He made the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, the flowers...all of it!" You think of others and remember everything.

You've had us captivated since the day we met you...
You are charming, engaging, and so enjoyable to be around. You are strong willed and sensitive. Although you tend to have tantrums over the silliest things, you are quick to ask for forgiveness and always willing to forgive others immediately. You respond better to logic and reason than to raised voices and scolding.
You were slow to eat solid food and even slower to like sweet things. On your first birthday you were more fascinated with the flame on the candle than your cupcake - in fact you were quite appalled that we wanted you to eat it! You still prefer green veggies over sweet foods - if it's green, you will eat it.

Since you were about 15 months old you have been able to spot airplanes, jets, bulldozers, tractors, excavators and the like from long distances. It's like you have built in 'boy radar' - you were instinctively drawn to all things boy and still are, yet you're not afraid to sport wings and tutus for your sister occasionally.

By your second birthday, you were more open to sweet were a bit apprehensive at first but once you took a taste you were willing to eat some...but you didn't finish it.
You are quick to smile and laugh. You have spoken very well since you were about 18 or 19 months old. The things that come out of your mouth are so very mature and well spoken. If you had a deeper voice, one may think you were a young adult rather than a three year old except when you say things like:

~ Lasterday (yesterday)
~ Musgik (music)
~ Muddy (money)

You love to hug and kiss. You express your love so freely. One of our current favorite things is that the first thing you do when you see us in the morning is run up to us and give us HUGE bear hugs. You also say, "I love you...all the way to the milky way....and back." I melt.

You are kind, caring, loyal, determined, strong willed, full of spunk, funny, curious, thoughtful, precocious, honest and clever. I am so excited to continue to cultivate these qualities in you and see how many more unfold in the next year! You are a gift from God and we are so thankful to call you our son.
You are three and this year you ate your whole cupcake.


The Webbers said...

He is so handsome. What a sweet letter. Oh, and boy radar...crazy. Although my boy wears more than his fair share of princess dresses, he's definitely got the radar!

Ashley said...

We love you, Jamo!! You are an intelligent, curious, mischievous, sweet-tempered, fun-loving child of God. We love you from your impish grin down to your super-fast feet. Maybe next year we will let you play with Annike's horse fence on your birthday!!

Anonymous said...

i am glad that we are done looking at raw fish!
happy birthday- late i know....
we are celebrating lorenz` second birthday!!!

Erik and Lyndsey Olson said...

So sweet Nini! What a special letter for a sweet boy!