Sunday, November 2, 2008

:: Halloween ::

We had quite a day on Halloween this year.  It started as a nice rainy fall day.  Analise was excited to be dressed in her friend Sammy's chicken costume and was in a hurry to get over to his house for the Halloween gathering for the kiddos.  
The party was so cute.  Jessica had everything one could think of.  She even had a cookie decorating table so the kids could decorate pumpkin cookies with all sorts of colors and sprinkles.  
There were lots of cute little people dressed as bees, martians, astronauts, clowns, pumpkins, spider man, a glow worm, all of which I was unable to get too many successful pictures of.  I did get a few of our little chicken though.  She wasn't much into the hood part of the costume.   
Around 11:15, the party got even more exciting as my water broke!  That was a strange experience in and of itself!  Markus made some important phone calls, I was promptly given a new pair of pants to wear, our dear friends prayed for a safe and healthy delivery, and we headed home to meet up with our doula before going to the hospital.  Jen was able to grab this last picture of me pregnant before we jumped in the car.
 The day ended quite well...


Anonymous said...

Lisi is such a nice chicken!!!(Lisi ist ein süßes Hühnchen!!)
Anas comment

Anonymous said...

Girl - HOW were you able to post all of this the day you got back from the hospital??? Jameson must be sleeping too much!!


Erin said...

Wow! You went out to a party 9 days post due. Good for you!