Tuesday, March 8, 2011

:: A Little Something ::

Something that brings me joy is making a delicious meal. Today I really enjoyed making my Jackpot Chili and some Trader Joe's cornbread (the best cornbread...ever).
And I baked up some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
For me, a greater joy than simply cooking a delicious meal is being able to share a little something with friends. Today I was able to pack up the chili, cornbread, cookies, along with some of our favorite wine and drop it off to a friend who spent the day in the hospital with her dad who was having a major cancer related surgery. Giving in this way is one of the somethings that drive me, inspire me and bring me joy.
What are the little somethings that bring you joy?


Stef said...

yum! this looks so delicious! What a kind thing to do for your friends. I'm sure they were blessed by you.

Stephanie said...

What a thoughtful friend you are! I bet that meal was a WELCOME gift for whoever received it.