Monday, April 16, 2012

:: It's Me...Really ::

Jameson has started to enjoy drawing more and more.  For a while, he could have cared less, but as of late, he is getting more detailed and coordinated with his writing/drawing.  The other morning he came bounding into my room shouting, "Mama! I drew a picture of you! I drew a picture of you!"

He hands me a piece of paper and this is what I saw...
I replied, "Why thank you Jameson.  Are you sure that is me?" He said, "Yep! It's you!" I replied, "Are you sure it's not daddy? I don't have a beard..." He said, "Yep! It's you...I drew your big chin...and your curly messy hair...and your big eyes...and your nose...and you have arms and legs too!" {Um...thanks?}

"Thank you so much Jameson! I love it!"  

And I do love it.  Not because he drew me with a big black chin and messy curly hair, but because he thought about me first thing in the morning. Because he was so proud of what he drew. And because he is getting more and more creative.  

It reminds me a lot of one of the first people Analise ever drew.  You can see it HERE.  At some point they just figure out that people should have necks and bodies and other distinguishing features like hands, feet, ears, and long or short hair, but there is something special about these heads with limbs.  

And big black chins.


Stephanie said...

I was going to say 'Nice soul patch'. :-)

Stephanie said...

Such a thoughtful little boy!

Unrelated side note: I like your new header. :)