Saturday, May 12, 2012

:: She's Been Five For Quite Some Time ::

As has been previously mentioned the blog was neglected for quite some time.  I find myself saying it more and more as each month passes - time is FLYING by!  In the midst of our busy family season my firstborn turned FIVE and I have yet to post my letter to her.  Before I get to that here's a little recap of how we spent her special day...

Upon waking on her special fifth birthday she opened her bedroom door to see 45 balloons in pink, purple and white all over the house.  A colorful celebration of her!
For the past few years on her birthday we have made cupcakes for her friends and spent the mornings driving around making deliveries.  This year, Analise wanted to give something a little different so we headed to the store and she picked out some goodies to make gift packs.  We created a little card and headed out to make morning deliveries to her favorite people...
It was well past lunch when we were done delivering so we headed to Betty's Burger for their very first milkshake.  That evening the Dengels arrived from Germany and stayed through the end of March.  It was the first time any of our biological family has been around to celebrate her birthday with us - it was a special fifth birthday!
Dear Analise Joy,

In a little hotel in Basel, Switzerland, just about 6 years ago, I found out you were being formed within me. You made me a mom for the first time. Thirteen days past your due date you arrived after a fast and furious labor of just 4 1/2 hours - screaming, smushy and perfectly pink. From the very beginning you were opinionated, independent and strong willed.
The day we found out you were a girl, I drove away from the doctor's office praying that you would be a kind girl and a good friend.  In your five (and almost a half) years of life, you have expressed and embodied kindness and true friendship with exceeding abundance - and for that we are so grateful.
While you ask some deep, thoughtful questions, you are also silly {SO silly}.  You aren't afraid to be crazy, make funny faces, make up wacky jokes (which you think are funny, yet they really don't make any sense) and you always try to make people laugh.
At this phase in your life (I keep reminding myself that it is just a phase), you are constantly waiting for the next thing, sometimes waiting around for it to happen rather than embracing the now and enjoying what is going on in front of you (we're working on that). However, in this phase of looking forward, you do seem to find beauty where you are whether it be in a flower, a fun shaped cloud or a moth fluttering by.
You care about others and you love being around other people. Your most happy when you are around people you love and are outside jumping, climbing and running about.  You love to ride your bike in the front and practice jumps on your scooter with your brother and our neighbors.
Sometimes you can be a bit sneaky. There were a few times you were sneaky in a not so good way - doing something contrary to the rules, but you realized it was wrong and were quick to apologize and make it right again.  Now when you are sneaky it is in a fun way.  Like the times you hide around a corner and pop out to scare your dad or when I'm folding laundry and you take just one of the socks so I can't make a pair.
You are smart, eloquent with your words, and great with numbers.  You know how to write your name and a few other things.  You know your letters and each sound they make but you aren't quite interested in reading just yet.  You love to be read to - right now we're reading The Chronicles of Narnia out loud.  Everywhere we go you seem to see a way to get into Narnia!  You are constantly adding and subtracting numbers out loud and in your head. After sitting quietly for a few minutes you'll say something like, "ten plus seven is seventeen!"
In just three short months you will start kindergarten.  At times I feel ready for you to begin and others it seems near impossible that you are old enough to enter the school world.  I know you are ready - more than ready, but I'm not so sure I am.  You are our first baby.  Our only girl. Our little Lisi Loo.  Just one hug or one "I love you" melts our hearts.  It is an honor to have you as our daughter and be your paretns.  There are countless times that we find ourselves saying, "Her middle name is just perfect for her." You are such a JOY!

We love you Analise!


Stef said...

this is one of the sweetest posts I've read. Loved it. Loved the pictures you took and everything!
From one mom to another I will agree... yes, its going by way too fast.

Stephanie said...

A. These are OUTSTANDING photos! Did you take them?

B. Analise is so beautiful - and she has a great sense of style.

C. She sounds a lot like my 5 1/2 year old. I'm certain that they would get along famously.

D. I read this ENTIRE post out loud to both Kayla & Liv. They especially loved that you put balloons all over the house. :)