Friday, September 2, 2011

:: Living Room Makeover ::

We got a new couch late last year. We love the couch, but as soon as we brought it home, the whole look and feel of the room changed. The room went from warm and cozy to drab and boring. The addition of a neutral toned couch made it quite clear that there was a monochromatic color issue going on. (To be fair though, we previously had two sage green couches that added contrast and went well with the wall color and pictures). The new couch pretty much blended into the walls. Ugh.

Here is a picture from last year. It's old (end of November), dark and blurry (because it was taken in the evening), but you get the idea. Try to focus on the walls and the couch behind my handsome husband and cute kids.

This is how drab the living room was.




Here is a daytime shot of the bland room. It was so boring that I don't even have that many 'before' pictures. This picture below is somewhat misleading because the striped pillows aren't mine (I borrowed them from a friend to see what accent colors would work) and I typically don't use a turquoise binder for decor. So...use your imagination and picture all of this without those pillows.

Boring right?

Yes. Boring.

Don't get me wrong, I love the wall color, I love the black and white pictures, I love the couch. I just didn't love them together. The living room is where we spend most of our time in our little house - it needed a major overhaul!

So, the transformation began. After much time spent on Pinterest and, and drooling over other people's spaces, I decided on a new color scheme and went for it. I scavenged an old window frame from my friend Renee, which we painted white, and made into a mirror. We swapped the black and white pictures to our bedroom (which we overhauled as well) and the four picture frames and two candle holders from our room were brought out here.

One can of spray paint was all we needed to paint the picture frames and candle holders (they were a dark wood color). I filled two frames with some of Analise's art and used some fabric that matched the turquoise in the pillow covers, in the other two. (Don't mind the old ottoman on the right, we have yet to cover that or figure out what to do with it but it works for now.) The lovely turquoise and white pillow covers are from various vendors on I love them.
The corner lamp is from Amazon and we *love* it. You can have one, two, or three of the bulbs lit depending on what type of lighting you desire.
I found the small lamp below at Target for $9.99 (it was originally a dark wood color) and immediately headed to Home Depot with one of my pillow covers and created a color match sample for $2.98. Needless to say, it was a perfect match and exactly what I wanted!

There you have it. Our living room makeover. Aside from the big corner lamp and the lovely pillow covers from Etsy, it was all do-it-yourself with things we had on hand projects. We just have to replace the dark ottoman with a coffee table at some point.




Next makeover post :: kid's room.


Blessed said...

I am so impressed with your crafty skills! Your living room is so pretty and cozy. : )

big hair betty said...

Love it, Nini!!!

Mrs. X said...

love it! it looks great Minkey!

The Webbers said...

love, love, love it!

heihei said...

i like it - well done

Bonnie said...

Looks great Nini! Turquoise is very popular right now and looks fantastic with your neutral tones. Nice work!! Can't wait to see the kids' rooms! :)

Anonymous said...

when do WE get an invitation to come and visit this lovely living room? we are in the middle of planning a living room /office in the empty room where our parents furniture was. i am looking forward too.

dear, hello, etc said...

It's so fun and vibrant! Good job, girlfriend.


Stephanie said...

Beautifully done. I especially love the $9.99 turquoise lamp. What kind of paint and brush did you use?

I'm about ready to makeover our living room area too. First, though, I need to find the right couch.