Friday, October 7, 2011

:: Catch Up ::

You must be tired of staring at pictures of my living room. Please forgive my lack of blogging for the past MONTH. In the four years I have been blogging, I have never had that much of an MIA phase. Sorry. Bout. That. And thank you for the patience (my brother in law called me lazy. Yep. He did. Lazy.) and the gentle nudgings to blog again.

I have heaps of posts in my head. I just have to get them from my head to the screen. What free time I have has been spent with the hubs and chitlins'.

Nini started working more -

Life got crazy at the end of August. For the past year I have been doing some contract work for Vintage Faith Church. I was offered a promotion and as of September, I am now the Director of Community Groups.
As soon as I began in this new role, we dove right into a crazy busy season as we prepared to launch our fall groups. Lots of meetings, sign ups, book sales, minute details, facilitating leadership trainings - all of the deets that go into launching community groups. Fantastic work. Super crazy season. They launch this week, so things are mellowing out a bit.

Soccer started for both kiddos -

They love it and so do we! Analise is playing with Aptos Soccer on and Under 6 team. More on that later. Here are some 'pre-season' pics. (who says girls can't wear cleats and dresses at the same time? That's how Analise Joy Lettner rolls.)
Jameson is doing the same soccer camp Analise did in Scotts Valley last year. He was so excited the first week. Then he was not so into it. After a few weeks, he took to liking it. Scratch that - he loves it! (I think he looks like a British schoolboy with his socks pulled up.)

Analise started up art class at
Blue Apple Studio again -

I could go on and on about how much we love it, but all of my previous and future posts about Blue Apple Studios give you the idea!

We celebrated some birthdays -

My newest nephew, Thane Grayson Contessa, was born on September18th.  He is a handsome little dude and I can't wait to meet him and squish him and hold him and call him my own.  Wait, I will just love him and squish him and hold him.
The day after Thane's arrival, we stumbled upon a fairy in the park and it just so happened that it was her 3rd birthday. Believe it or not, we just so happened to have birthday balloons for that 3 year old fairy!
Three days after our impromptu celebration at the park with Annike, on the last calendar day of summer, little Sommer Christiana Negard showed up (12 days past her due date) after just ONE hour of labor! Needless to say, her mom is amazing and so is she!
Someone else is turning 3 in a few weeks!
Please note - according to Jameson, he is a 'lightning bug that shoots fire - not a fairy'.


Stef said...

WELCOME back!! I've missed your posts.
You guys have been busy! Don't you think this is the busiest time of the year?! Seems like its just occurred to me this year :-)
Congrats on the job! Sounds like a great opportunity!
And I love what Jameson said about his birthday :)

Anonymous said...

more posts! more often! more pictures!
tante kristin

Heike said...

I love all the great art work from Analise! I studied art education, so she is definately doing a great job!

Ashley said...

That is the cutest wrinkly-nosed firefly I have ever seen!

Krista said...

Thanks for all the pictures and updates! I too have been missing your posts. :) Sounds like your new job is fun!!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the new job. Obviously, you're good at it. :)