Tuesday, August 30, 2011

:: Good Choices ::

The last week and a half brought some heavy news - the kind of news that makes you hold on to your loved ones a bit tighter. The kind of news that makes no sense whatsoever. The kind of news that brings you to your knees because there is nowhere else to go. A friend of ours has been diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer. Completely unexpected. Completely shocking. Completely.

Cancer. Again. Why must this wretched illness affect so many of us, so often?

As I was cleaning up the house, praying for Amy and her family, I came across something that Analise made a few months ago in her Sunday school class. It was quite fitting to find and such a poignant reminder of the important things in life. In fact, it was Amy, who is the Director of Children's Ministry at our church, that put these little books together for the kids to make.

This book lays out truths that bring some perspective when not much seems to make sense.
It lays out truths that remind us of One who is greater than we are... One who can do anything (like make rainbows and create the world)...can heal anyone (like Amy)...and loves us all the time, no matter what we choose...
The face Analise drew on this page says so much...look at those eyes...
Looking at this book that Analise illustrated gave me a much needed perspective - in a time of frustration, sadness, and many questions.
I am reminded that I don't need to have all of the answers. I am reminded that each day is a gift. I am reminded that even though life doesn't seem to make sense, I can choose to trust. When my days seem long and redundant, I can choose to find joy in the simple things. When I am answering the same question for the 80th time, I can choose to answer without being annoyed. I can choose to enjoy each day, each person, and each errand that needs to be run. I can choose to find joy in spending the morning making construction paper top hats. I can choose to get down on the floor and build legos and train tracks and I can choose to spend three hours at the park rather than check off a 'to do' list - all because it brings my kids joy.

And, while I choose to live in the now, to embrace where I am now and what is happening now and be thankful for it, I will also be praying. Praying fervently for our friend, her husband and her two sweet boys. Praying for our friend who, in light of all that she is going through is choosing faith. Choosing to trust.

And, if you choose, will you please be thinking of and praying for Amy too?

You can click the picture above to get to her blog and read about her journey thus far...


Stef said...

oh, Nini, I'm so sorry for your friend! I will be praying, for sure. I'll bring her up to the ladies in our Bible Study group as well, so they can pray with us.

I'm learning so much this year especially, that God intends deep trials for our GOOD and not for evil. He can strengthen us and others so much through them and the work He can do, through a trial we encounter with grace, is beyond our comprehension! So I will pray that Amy will be healed, but that as she goes through this time, that she will bring glory to God and that others will see HIM through her.

Thanks for sharing <3

Ashley said...

Always good to be reminded... praying along side of you, friend.

dear, hello, etc said...

Amen. I'm going to click through and pray for your friend. It isn't God's desire for His People to be struck down with sickness.