Saturday, July 30, 2011

:: Wharf to Wharf III ::

Last Sunday morning my friend Christine and I woke up bright and early, donned our exercise clothing, laced up our shoes and headed down the the Santa Cruz Wharf for (my 3rd annual) Wharf to Wharf race.
The weather was just right - cool and foggy. The setting was perfect - 6 miles of oceanfront running. The company was fun - 15,000+ people in one large clump, smiling, laughing, having a grand old time. The pictures below were taken about 30 minutes before the race began. When the gun went off, there was hardly any room to move your arms! Thankfully once we began running the crowd thinned out.
It is so much fun and each year I enjoy it more and more. The atmosphere, the thrill of participating in a 'race', the unexpected surprises (like seeing this proposal 10 minutes before the start of the race), it's all so much fun to be a part of!

This year I ran just over five of the six miles (I took a bit of a break during Mile 3) - the most I have ever run to date, and Christine made it the whole way!
After seeing yet another proposal just around Pleasure Point, saying hello to some friends along the way, and helping a lady who fell, the finish line was in sight! I crossed the finish line 45 minutes faster this year than last with a tag time of 1:15:33! Next year, my goal is to run all 6 in just under 1 hour! The picture below is the official photo that I am not privy to buying - I definitely don't need an 8x10 of myself!

Markus and the kiddos met us in Capitola village after we finished. The best cheering team ever and the best year yet!
Here's to Wharf to Wharf IV!


Anonymous said...

Well done Nini! We are proud of you! Hope you can walk tomorrow! :) Love says Heihei

Anonymous said...

wow, running Schwägerina!!!
big hug

Stephanie said...

So proud of you! That sounds like exactly the kind of race I'd like to try! 6 miles of oceanside running... :)

Hope to see you soon! Perhaps in November?

The Webbers said...

so fun. I'll make your same goal for next year:) Although, I don't know if I can complete it!