Thursday, June 23, 2011

:: Vacation ::

At the beginning of the month we went on a family vacation. Markus took the week off of work and we headed up to Clearlake. One of our fantastic friends has a family house right on the lake that we were able to stay at. Despite the winter-like temperatures and non-stop rain we had for the first three days, we enjoyed our time away as a family so much! We relaxed, drove around to the neighboring towns, spent heaps of time playing games and even more time coloring.
I finally got the camera out on Thursday morning and was able to snap a few photos. The clouds broke and the sun began shining for the first time that week so we spent as much time outside as we could - especially since we knew the rain was on its way back that night!

The kids spent much of the time on the dock with Markus...
They were fishing of course.

That evening some fabulous friends joined us for the remainder of the weekend. The rain started again late Thursday night and didn't stop until Sunday afternoon. There were nine adults and six kiddos cooped up in the house all weekend and we had a great time! Everyone got along so well and aside from a small case of cabin fever, the kiddos did great too! We enjoyed great conversation, great games and great meals together. While it wasn't the warm sunny weather we were hoping for on vacation, it was so nice to get away for a week, have some time as a family and finish it off with good friends.


Stef said...

so fun! what a beautiful place. We have some old family friends who moved there many years ago, but I've not seen pictures of it. Had no idea it was so gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a fun family getaway! How far is Clearlake from where you live? Also - Where does Markus work? (I can't remember if I already asked that).

Shelley Pimentel said...

I love the pics! And I'm so glad you guys were able to get away. : )