Saturday, July 2, 2011

:: Fresh Veg ::

A few months ago Markus and Analise built some planter boxes in the back yard and planted a vegetable garden of sorts. We are *so* enjoying having fresh veggies straight from our own garden!

We have had heaps of salads made from a 'summer mix' Markus planted along with baby spinach. We continue to plant new seeds once we use up what has already grown.

It has been so fun for the kids to watch everything grow from a seed to ready-to-eat vegetables, although Jameson has a habit of picking (and eating) the snap peas before they are fully grown.

A few weeks ago our first round of radishes were ready to pick - they were just perfect!
The carrots still need a bit more time...
But Analise says they "carroty delicious"!
Do you plant your own fresh veg? If so, what kind?


Stef said...

Awesome! We don't do this (yet) but will start at our new home in a couple months. I'm aching to get started, but for now, learning from all of you crafty people first :)

Katie said...

I've been doing a large veggie garden the last couple of years. This year we're trying corn, beans, peas, carrots, potatoes, melons, tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs. I Love the fresh peas!! yumm

Stephanie said...

Your radishes are beautiful! How do you eat them? Fresh or cooked? Alone or in a main dish?

Also - my girls both love carrots!