Saturday, September 18, 2010

:: Hallstatt ::

In my previous post about our family reunion, I mentioned that we stayed in a little village called Obertraun in Upper Austria. We were surrounded by amazing views and just a 60 second walk from beautiful Lake Hallstatt. Just a ten minute drive around to the other side of the lake was the quaint village of Hallstatt. We visited a few times and each time I found something new and beautiful and amazing to marvel at.

This tiny lakeside village is nestled among towering mountains and it is built up on the side of the oldest known salt mine in Austria. Despite the number of people that visit Hallstatt on any given day, the calm water paired with the old buildings and scenic mountains made me want to sit all day, sip a latte and enjoy the quiet feel of the village.
There were homes and buildings, some of which were built in the 1300's, nestled high up in the sides of the mountains.
There were heaps of nooks and crannies, walkways and alleys to explore - each filled with character and something fantastic to look at.

In this tiny village, we came upon some tiny sized things...

Even though a stroll through the whole village only took a short amount of time, a lollipop break was needed.Jameson was very proud that he got to have a lollipop for the first time!
The town square was on a bit of a hill and full of character...just inviting us to take a little break on the bench.
And right in the middle of the town square, there was one of the most amazing pear trees I have ever seen...climbing up the side of a building!
How amazing is this!? I so want to live there, open my window and enjoy a fresh pear! I would even toss them down to passersby if they asked. Pear anyone?And, lest you think traveling with two little ones is full of amazing day trips, beautiful villages, tasty fresh pastries, and spinning in circles singing The Sound of Music songs, think again...we did see a bit of this.
I suppose he didn't find the pear tree as fascinating as I did!

Have you traveled with little ones? What is one of your favorite little villages or towns you have visited?


Sally said...

Could your blog posts get any more picturesque!? I think not. I was totally amazed by the lake scenes... and then you bring out the pear tree! Could that pear tree be any more amazing? This might be my favorite Lettners go on vacay post yet!

Krista said...

Ridiculously beautiful! So picturesque. I love love love the house with the pear tree. I wish I had that kind of green thumb. Right now I have 1 (ONE!) basil plant I am practicing on keeping alive. If I can handle that, I will move on to bigger things. :P

I would love to spend time just wandering those narrow streets...

big hair betty said...

SO COOL! Love the pear tree, amazing! There is a house behind Jack in the Box on Ocean that has apple trees growing sideways on the side of their house, I've always loved that idea!

Fisher price doll house said...

What amazing pictures! I have to say I have never been anywhere remotely as charming as this. Thank you so much for sharing your family's journey.

Erin said...

This place looks incredible!!! Wow. I keep looking at the pics again & again.
Is that really just one pear tree trained along that house? Crazy cool!
We've only traveled as far as Colorado with kids. And, never been to quaint villages with kids. :)

izzyg said...

I just saw these photos... it makes me miss europe so much i can barely stand to be in my office for a minute more! Thanks for posting such beauty for us to enjoy :) Love you friend!