Saturday, July 31, 2010

:: Wharf to Wharf II ::

Last week I ran the Wharf to Wharf. Just like last year, it was a cool and foggy morning (perfect for running). This was my second time participating in this classic race. The past few months I have been dealing with a horrible case of shin splints. Regardless of what I try, how I stretch, how often I ice, the quality of my shoes, inserts, etc. these shin splints continue to haunt me. I didn't run for about five weeks in order to rest my shins and still have a chance at running some of the race. Markus decided, last minute, that he didn't want to run it, so he and the kids met me at the finish line.

We had quite a fun 'running crew'. Here we are, bright and early at the start of the race:

The first mile was slow going due to all of the people so Casey and Rebecca decided spice it up a bit a do a little jig.

Thankfully, my shin splints did not make an appearance during the race and I was able to run quite a bit. I think it is safe to say that I ran just over 4 of the 6 miles! Not bad for a non-runner! Here is the 'official' picture of me crossing the finish line......and here is my attempt at taking a picture with my cell phone as I crossed the finish line.
I am so glad I did it again and despite the fact that my shin splints started to bother me the day after, I am looking forward to next year!


BakerMan said...

I don't usually get shin splints from running, even though jump rope will give them to me in a bad way. But I had them real bad after the Wharf to Wharf! You are in good company.

Stephanie said...

YOU DID IT! So proud of you. 4 miles is no small feat.

Questions for you:
* Did you run w/ your cell phone?
* Did you listen to music as you ran?
* Who did you run w/ - friends from church, neighbors, etc.?

Nini said...

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the props! I have this desire to run, but my body is not letting frustrating! But, as you said, 4 of 6 is great and I am proud of myself!

- I did run with my cell phone, just held it in my hand since I didn't have pockets.
- I didn't listen to music as I ran. I was planning on using my iPod Shuffle, but Markus told me that would be anti-social - ha! ha! There are heaps of bands playing all along the route, so I didn't need music.
- I ran with friends - both neighbors and friends from church. Even though Markus opted out this time, it was SO fun running with friends! It not only inspired me, but made it so enjoyable!

sarah said...

you rocked that race, woman! great job!!