Friday, June 25, 2010

:: Chop Chop ::

Someone got a haircut last week. It only took a few days of buzzing, chopping, and clipping to get right--along with a fair amount of protesting. But it works...for now...

Let's just say that this little guy is not a big fan of hair all.
But he sure can sport a faux hawk can't he?!


Stef said...

he sure can! he looks so much older like that. I can't get over his completely kissable cheeks :)

Stephanie said...

Yes! He can!

And - P.S. - His baby cheeks make me smile. :)

casual friday every day said...

He is super cute. I love the mini hawk!


Bonnie said...

My mom said to me the other day, "Have you seen Nini's blog lately? Jameson's haircut is SO cute! He is such a handsome little man!" So I had to come over to see for myself... and yup! He is SOOOOOO cute! Such a little man now!