Monday, June 28, 2010

:: A Little Pick Me Up ::

There are days when I need a little extra something to get me through the day. Today is one of those days (let's face it--there have been quite a few lately). Now that the warm weather is here, I like to make iced coffee in the afternoon.

Because we have an automatic 'brews-one-cup-at-the-push-of-a-button' coffee machine, I typically have to plan ahead if I want an iced coffee in the afternoon by preparing a cup and putting it in the fridge to cool down so my ice cubes don't *instantly* melt. Not anymore! The other day I had a brilliant idea.

I made coffee ice cubes. Yes. Coffee ice cubes. Aren't they cute? Simply pour some coffee in any type of ice cube tray and freeze.
When you are in need of a little pick me up, put them in a cup of coffee, add whatever you fancy and enjoy! No more waiting for the coffee to cool down and no more watery coffee!


McNabb Clan said...

we do this too!! i never drink normal coffee, but i do make really strong coffee - freeze them into cubes, and use them later to make coffee frappuccino's! just add milk (and/or ice cream) and blend! some friends also do this with coke - so they never have to have watered down pop. we haven't gone that far tho. anyhow!! hope you get the "pick me up" you need! hugs, ali

Stef said...

We have a friend that is awesome at being inventive with all things and he thought of this about... 10 years ago maybe, at church! I remember everyone laughed at him, but then the Sunday he brought a bunch to church and let them freeze there - we all reaped the benefits after the service and lets just say no one was laughing anymore :)
Yours are a much cuter shape than his though.

Anonymous said...

smart woman!!! what a good idea!!
xx clau

Erin said...

Thanks Nini! I just took your advice & poured leftover coffee into an ice tray. Can't wait for the afternoon!

teresa said...

Love this idea, I'm going to have to give it a try :)

casual friday every day said...

You're too cool! I would have never thought of that. I bet you can do that with anything. I'm thinking root beer would be fun for the kids.


Ashley said...

Sounds like fun... when can I come over and have some?? Why make it myself when I can go to your house?? :)

Bonnie said...

You. are. BRILLIANT. Seriously!!