Tuesday, January 5, 2010

:: New Heights ::

This little monkey is trying new things...Please note: I do not condone standing on my couch. A rule he has yet to learn.


Stef said...

Is it wrong that at that age I don't mind them standing on the couch? I just realized maybe its confusing to my kids since I allow it when they're this little and squeezable cute... but then don't allow it later on. Hmmm.... maybe our 4th will be the 1st to be told no-no about this, from the beginning.

Anyway... Jameson is CUTE beyond words! I love his little smirk on his face here. He's clearly so proud of himself. I also like your couches a lot. Nice color!

Stephanie said...

Very impressive! I particularly like that last picture. He looks so very proud.

My baby is climbing all over the place too...not on couches yet...but she's pretty ambitious and active and fearless, for sure. :)


Anonymous said...

good job buddy!
xx tante clau

Kelli said...

Wowie! Look at how big he has gotten!!! Geez..

Bethany said...

Oh, it's just the beginning!

Anonymous said...

he is adorable. seriously!!!