Tuesday, January 5, 2010

:: Tweaked Tuesday ::

What do you think Jameson is trying to convey in this picture?Maybe he is questioning WHY his sister insisted on wearing a bathing suit today?Maybe he was wondering why she was laying under the table?(To look at the sun at the beach with her friends of course!)Maybe this face is saying..."Get these wings off of me!"It's a tweaky Tuesday in our house today.


Stef said...

yep! I'd say the bathing suit and wings have created the look on his face :)

I am still in shock that the Target (and all other stores) here in Washington are selling bikinis... in JANUARY!! Did they forget what state we're in?!

Stephanie said...

You're having all kinds of fun @ your house! It sounds like your daughter would get along famously with my 3-year-old. She is so into "pretending" these days...and I love it.

Yesterday, we pretended that we were at Disneyland for the longest time. We went on Dumbo and Peter Pan and saw a fireworks show and rode the Matterhorn. As I watched her face (her eyes sparkling and her fists clenched in excitement), I could tell that she was *really* seeing it all. It was the most beautiful thing. She teaches me new things every day. I am so blessed to be her mom. :)


Anonymous said...

looks like soo much fun..... Ana and Noa can´t wait to join the party!!!

Montana said...

Hi Nini, I haven't been reading blogs for a while so I just had a lot of fun catching up with your family!! As usual, awesome pictures. Never a dull moment in your house! :)

Anonymous said...

NINI! I am showing amy and julie your adorable kiddos :) They had no idea what cute offspring you have. hugs