Sunday, December 27, 2009

:: Wrapped Up ::

We are finally wrapping up the Christmas weekend. The kids are both napping (phew!) and I am catching up on 'life'. We had a fantastic weekend. Christmas Eve was spent with my dear friend Renee's family. I think this was my 12th or 13th Christmas Eve with them - such a special time for us.

Christmas day was mellow, just our little Lettner family together. We had a great day and took the day slow and easy. This was a bit of the joy and aftermath of gift opening...While this was a more 'slim' Christmas than others, it was more relaxing, more reflective, and more joyful. And the gifts that were received were so thoughtful and so special. Like these blocks...And this special doll from Auntie Lisa. This was her very own dolly named Polly. Now Polly has a new home!We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day and a long walk at the beach. Once the kiddos went to sleep, Markus and I enjoyed a seafood was delicious! On Saturday morning, I was able to meet Jessica's brand new baby. He was just 13 hours old when I snapped these pictures. Isnt' he amazing! Merry Christmas to them!

After meeting baby B, we spent the afternoon celebrating Christmas with my close friend (practically my sister) Kristen's fabulous family. This is also another 12th or 13th year tradition with them! We are so blessed!

We are looking forward to a mellow week, playing with the new toys that were received, spending time with friends and getting back to a normal routine as we enter the last week of 2009!


Stef said...

Merry Christmas!! I love the blocks. Very cute.

casual friday every day said...

We had a slim Christmas too, but it didn't take away from how wonderful the day was...just like with you!

I found your blog today via Stephanie's updated favorite list! And then you happened by my blog today also. How fun!

Stephanie said...

Love the blocks and the doll. "Classic" presents like that are the very best.