Friday, September 11, 2009

:: Letters for Little Ones ::

My table and counter are finally clear! After three trips to the post office all of the crafty projects I have been working on have been shipped out, delivered, or are still en route to their final destinations. Over the past few weeks I have been making letters for two of my neices and my 'soon-to-arrive' nephews! As you can see in this post, I made letters for both of my own kiddos. It is a fun, relatively easy, and very inexpensive way to personalize a child's room. These letters also make great gifts!

When Markus' sister Claudia and family were visiting in March she requested that I make some letters to spell the names of her two little girls. I shipped these two names off to Germany yesterday:Two of my brothers are expecting baby boys within two weeks of each other and both have picked unique names for them. My brother Reef and his wife Tawnisha are expecting Zander in just 11 days! Here are the letters I made for their little dude...Ib and his wife Lisa are expecting Knox in just 18 days! Baby boys galore! Woohoo! Ib loves stars so these letters were geared towards that...Here are a few onesies I made for Knox too...I am SO excited for my brothers to join us in the world of parenthood, but I am much more excited to hear about the arrival of my new nephews! While it has been fun to make these gifts for my nieces and nephews, I would really rather see them in person! Hopefully sooner rather than later!


Reno said...

You should sell those on Etsy or something. I have been searching and searching for letters that I like but haven't been able to find any...yours are the cutest by far!

Stef said...

very cute!

Stephanie said...

Those letters are AWESOME. Do you sell them, by chance?

Stephanie Tang said...

Wow Nini! Looks like you're gonna need to open your own shop at Etsy! =-)

Anonymous said...

Hey....!!!! we are looking forward...they are really great..thank you soooo much!
why didn´t you send them per email??? its much faster!!!
the dengels