Thursday, April 2, 2009

:: Finally Finished ::

Before Analise was born I decided that I wanted to put her name up in letters on the wall. After looking online, I realized I didn't like anything that was out there, or the ridiculous price of them for that matter. Markus and I decided to get crafty and make letters of our own. I found a font that I liked, printed each letter out in a large size, and traced them on plywood. Markus cut them out, then I sanded and painted them. Add a little 3M wall hanging velcro and voila...these letters have been on the wall since before she arrived in this world:I also made letters for Jameson with a different font and different paint job. While I finished them a few months ago, I was procrastinating in putting them up above his crib. Finally, yesterday, I moved Analise's name over her bed and now Jameson's letters are proudly displayed above his bed.


Steph said...

those are incredible woman!
you need to go into business :))

Reno said...

So so cute! I want some!

Stephanie said...

Wow. Those are better than any of the ones I've seen for sale. You should open up a shop! :)