Tuesday, August 25, 2009

:: Swim Swim Swimming ::

We spent a glorious day at Renee's pool with some of Analise's favorite friends (and some of my favorite friends too). The kids spend heaps of time 'cooking' in the pool - just swim up, order what you want, wait for it to be prepared by little hands, 'eat' it up and order something else!Analise and Ryan hung out in the raft making 'milk shakes' together...They are great friends.After a long time of floating in the pool, Jameson took a break on the sidelines. Not only is he a natural in the water, but he is a ham for the camera.We love swimming!


Stephanie said...

What a fun day!

Those pictures are terrific. I especially love that second to last one of your son.


Jan said...

What a little chunker that Jameson is! SO CUTE! And Analise and her friends ... such is as memories are made! What a precious little girl.