Friday, July 3, 2009

:: We Need Your Help!!! ::

This is a call for your help! A call to all of our family and friends across the US and the world. Friends and family in foreign countries, friends of your friends...we need all of you! Even if you read this blog and have no idea who I am, please keep reading and help with this project.

There is an amazing family that we know that has been struck by a terrible tragedy. On Sunday night, their son, Jacob Kirkendall, was severely burned and electrocuted in an accident while trying to put out a wildfire. As I type this Jacob is in surgery fighting for his life! You can see the whole story and read about all that he and his family are going through here or visit

This is the Kirkendall family. Jacob is the tallest of the bunch in front being hugged by his dad, Tom.First off, I am asking you to PRAY that God will heal Jacob, give his family peace, give the doctors wisdom, to give Jacob the strength that he needs to continue fighting for his life - anything that you feel in your heart and mind to support this family through this time.

In an effort to rally around this family and to let Jacob know that he is thought of and prayed for around the world we are asking that you become part of a project with us. One of our friends is coordinating a 'name gallery' for Jacob.

We want EVERYONE we know (and even those we don't) to take a picture of yourselves, your kids, your pets...anyone that can hold a sign or piece of paper with Jacob's name on it. If you are of the adventurous kind, you could take a picture of yourself hanging off of a rock with a Jacob sign. You could even hold a Jacob sign while skydiving and snap a photo of it! (how cool would that be?!) If you are the praying type you can take a picture that says, "Praying for Jacob". If you are in a foreign country, a different state, a baseball game, a backyard BBQ, the Grand Canyon...anywhere...we want a picture of you with Jacob's name!

PLEASE join us in this fun project. A book of all of the pictures of love and support for Jacob will then be created for he and his family. This is a real and tangible way that we can support the Kirkendall family from near and afar - rallying together to show how connected our world is.

This perfect time is NOW to stop, say a prayer, send a good thought, take a picture and send it along. You can email it to my dear friend Renee at or you can email them to me at If you have any words of encouragement you can send those along as well, but we would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a picture from you with Jacob's name in it. Let us know WHO you are and WHERE you are.

You have my plea and my permission to pass my blog along to anyone you think may be interested in this project. While your prayers for Jacob and his family are more important, we also want pictures of Jacob's name from around the world.

Email your pics to or I believe that Renee's goal is to have all of the pictures we gather in a 'gallery' on the blog the Kirkendall's have created as well as to create a book for the family. Remember, we need a picture with you and Jacob's name in it. If we can't tell where you are, you could write the date and place on the paper too (i.e. Tucson, AZ. or Waikanae, NZ)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being willing to join together in such a fun and supportive way! Can't WAIT to see your pictures!!Email pics to: or

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Stef said...

we have no camera!!! :( I will do my best to borrow one and take the picture and get it to you. This is an awesome idea, Nini! You have to let us know how it turns out!