Wednesday, July 8, 2009

:: 8 Months ::

This little man has a way about him. All it takes is one look with his big beautiful eyes and we are like butter.
(Granted, he isn't breaking any rules yet, so it is okay that we melt for him!)At 8 months old Jameson -
- Has 7 teeth (with another making it's way out).
- Can barrel roll all around the house and is starting to get up on his knees.
- Says "dada " & "mama" and loves to put anything and everything in his mouth.
- Shares a room with his sister - and laughs at everything she does.
- Draws lots of attention with his big eyes, jovial smile and cool hair.
- Is FINALLY starting to eat some food. (He currently will only eat peas and yogurt, but it that is better than nothing!)

He is an absolute joy to be around!


Stef said...

wow - he is so cute! what a face. you guys are in BIG trouble when girls start noticing him. :)

big hair betty said...

He is a DOLL!!

The 3 Tyrrells said...

oh my goodness, he is so handsome! quite the little man...

Krista said...

He is such a beautiful boy!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful eyes, beautiful lips...handsome boy!

You are blessed.