Tuesday, June 30, 2009

:: Who's my Babe? ::

Today while we were playing outside this conversation took place:

A: "Do you want to draw strings with me Mom?"
(she draws lines on the patio with chalk and calls them strings)
Me: "Sure Babe, I would love to. Let me get Jameson out here first."
A: "Mom! I'm not Babe!"
Me: "What do you mean?"
A: "I'm not Babe...Markus is Babe!"
Me: "Ah, you are right. Thanks my Baby!"
A: "I'm not a baby! Jameson is a baby."
Me: "Once again...you are right. You are my Analise!"She's cheeky that's for sure!Here are some lovely pictures that Jessica took the other day at a birthday party.Our little Analise is turning into quite a young lady!


Krista said...

Ah, she is too cute! I love the know-it-all young children we have who are always there to correct your little mistakes. :) It's so hard not to laugh when someone so small is correcting you!

Montana said...

What a little smartie pants! Where do you suppose she gets that from Nini?

Anonymous said...

she IS a sweet and smart little lady says oma heidi

KayakBC said...

Have I ever told you how much I love her!!? LOVE.

Stephanie said...

Such a pretty smile...and she's obviously quite bright too! :)

The Contessa said...

She's lovely and adorable, not to mention the fact that she's obviously quite bright. What a precious little girl!

faithsalutes said...

I am so tempted to lick her. I bet she tastes like strawberry laffy taffy.