Wednesday, June 17, 2009

:: Five Years Ago ::

This was Markus on Christmas Eve six years ago...What do you think he was asking for...a surfboard? a car? fishing gear?

Nope...none of those...

If you guessed that he was asking for a GREEN guessed right!

It started with my mission to take the 'perfect lamb picture'. When we first started 'hanging out' Markus and I would go on day trips around the North Island of New Zealand, climbing fences, climbing hills, and chasing sheep. We found some favorite places that we would visit quite often.

Many a weekend we drove out to Mt. Manganui...This is when I knew I was falling for him...oye!Raglan was another favorite spot (we got married here)...We spent a lot of time here (what we called the Shire)...We loved spending time in Misson Bay and Auckland...Lots of hours spent in cushy chairs in Starbucks (one of only three in NZ at the time)...Oh...right...back to this:When Markus and I were dating, he came to California to visit during Christmas. Tradition at the Cecy's Family Christmas (an absolutely amazing family that I spend Christmas with every year), is that everyone has to sit on Santa's lap and tell him one thing you would like. Markus asked for a green card. Just two and a half months after this picture was taken that we got married in New Zealand. You can read/see more about that here.

After heaps of paperwork, months of waiting, and a few stints of having to live apart (he in Germany, me in Santa Cruz), Markus finally got his green card in late May. It was five years ago today that he arrived in America. I remember the day so well. I was so eager and excited to see him. I had a hard time focusing at work, counting the minutes until I could leave to pick him up at the airport. I remember what I was wearing. I remember what he was wearing. I remember how joyful I was to see him walk through the International terminal and so pleased knowing that he wouldn't have to walk back out that gate a few weeks later. He was here to stay.

This was the end result of our 'perfect lamb picture' mission (as well as a great 5 1/2 years of marriage and two fabulous kids)! We have this picture framed and up in our office.I love our story. I love how God brought us together. I love the journey that we have been given. I love the places we have been, and the places we will visit in the future.

Now tell me about you? What do you love about your life, your journey, where you have been, or where you want to go? What do you want to do or see happen in life? Where are you now? I want to hear from you!


Ruth said...

very nice post nini, I'd forgotten about the lamb picture.

Stef said...

you do have an awesome love story AND, I'd never heard it until now! Thanks for sharing. Happy 5 years in America!!
Loved all the pictures.

Sanders Family said...

What a beautiful post Minkey! I love it and I am so joyful that you found a man like Markus to compliment your life. You are a lucky lady! I also feel very happy to have you, Markus and the mini-Minks in my life and I love you all dearly.

Anonymous said...

beste schwägerina!!!
hey. God is perfect in his ways, plans...his stories are the best!
we miss you guys:(
the dengels

Stephanie said...

New Zealand is so beautiful! And you are a great couple! :)

Quick question: did you grow up in New Zealand too? How did the two of you meet? I'd love to hear more about your "story."

Anonymous said...

hi schwägerin!
we are happy to know that markus is celebrating his 5 years in america. is it selfish to say that those were also 5 years of not having markus in austria...
you can have him, but know that we will always miss him - and you as well
love, kristin

Jan and Jer said...

Love your post... the site about Jacob (will get that photo!), the pictures of the kids, your story of how God put you and Marcus together! You are real... you are His... and we're special because we've had the blessing to know you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart....Didn't I frame that for you as a Christmas gift one year?...Love Mom