Thursday, March 5, 2009

:: 5 Years In ::

Five years ago on March 4th, Markus and I got married on the beach in Raglan, New Zealand. We celebrated with some great friends, which made for a special day. The only thing that could have made the day more special would have been to have had our family and more close friends there. (Being that NZ is so far away, and we gave them quite short notice, it didn't work out for our families to make the trip.)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from that is such a magical place:I have a very handsome husby!We didn't know this picture was being the time we were the only two people on the entire beach as everyone was heading to the reception.
We also had a wedding reception here in the States and we showed this ten minute video that our friend Enzo had put together. I love watching it. Our friends Justin and Brad wrote an amazing song and sang it to us during the ceremony. The song is playing over the whole video. The words are so powerful and beautiful.

It has been a fabulous five years together. So much has happened in a seemingly short amount of time. We are thankful for the five years we have had so far and we are excited to see where the next five take us in our journey together!


Bonnie said...

Your wedding day looked STUNNING Nini! I have such fond memories of Raglan :) What a perfect place to get married.
I black & whites of you two, and the one of you guys stealing a kiss alone on the beach is really beautiful too. You're such an attractive couple.
Happy Anniversary and may He bless you with MANY more years together! Lots of love.

Sally said...

It was a most excellent day, Nini. I remember it so well. I remember us being late when Jan and Jerry got lost on the way. I remember it being so very sunny and gorgeous. I remember taking some of the pics you posted! I'm so glad that even though we were a touch late that we stopped and snapped a few of you on the way. And your bouquet was sooo gorgeous! What a fabulous day of memories and such beautiful people to share them with. Blessings on your heads! All four of them!

Anonymous said...

yes, we too regret not being there... congratulations, 5 years! we are in round 8!!! hope you are having a wonderful time with el presidente and the first ladies!
greetings, kristin

lynn said...

an amazingly beautiful place, and a stunning couple! Congratulations on five years!!