Tuesday, March 3, 2009

:: To Obey or Not To Obey ::

Believe it or not, my darling daughter has a tendency to break the rules...more often than not. Without rhyme or reason, different forms of discipline are more effective than others from day to day. The other week she was having some trouble obeying, and on this particular day, she kept opening the drawers under the TV, which she clearly KNOWS she is not allowed to do. I asked her not to open the drawers and explained that if she continued to do it, she would be disciplined. After she continued to disobey and not be phased by the consequences, I mixed it up. I told her if she opened the drawer one more time that I would take Baby Ana away for the day.

And what do you think she did? Yep...she opened the drawer, so I took Baby Ana and told Analise that because she chose to disobey and not listen to me that Baby Ana had to sit on the shelf all alone, all day. Of course there was much protesting and tears, however she already knew what the consequences would be--Baby Ana up on the shelf (in plain view):Each time she saw Baby Ana throughout the day she would say, "Baby Ana up so so high. I want Baby Ana Mama". Each time I told her that Baby Ana was up there because she disobeyed and that she couldn't have her back until bedtime. Markus called around lunchtime and here was their conversation:

M: "Hi Analise."
A: "Hi Daddy, Baby Ana up so so high."
M: "Why is baby Ana up so high?"
A: "I opened the drawers."
M: "Did Mama tell you not to open the drawers?"
A: "Yes...and I did...and now Baby Ana up so so high. Bye Daddy!"

This is what Baby Ana on the shelf looked like from Analise's height.All of this to say that anytime she even thinks about opening the drawers now, she says (to whoever may be listening), "No opening the drawers or Baby Ana go so so high up there."

It worked...for now at least...


Montana said...

Well done Nini! I'll log this punishment idea away for possible future use. Assuming of course, that our kids will be the disobeying kind!

Bethany said...

That's classic! I especially like the picture from her vantage point.

Mrs. IbStarC said...

Note to self: Purchase shelves for child-rearing purposes. Install well above child level.

Bonnie said...

Nicely done Nini! I'm sure its hard to be the "bad guy" at times like that but it sounds like it did the trick. I loved the conversation she had with Markus--- so cute :) You're a great Mom Nini. Hang in there :)

Sally said...

When I was in 1st grade I brought my Barbie to school. Miss Dancy took it away at some point in the day because I must have been overcome with her Barbie beauty and been distracted from my addition timed test. (That only took me 6 months to pass!) Anyhoodles, It was such an emotionally exhausting day that once I got my Barbie back and was riding home on the bus, I fell asleep and missed my stop. The trauma of that day still haunts me. But I am glad that I learned addition... well, mostly. Hopefully Analise will someday feel the same. :)

Anonymous said...

just wait til she gets a few chairs to reach up so so high!
very cute conversation, honesty is always a good!
sorry for you darling analise!
great idea nini!

lynn said...

great idea. i need to implement some more of these kinds of consequeces...not that we need them in our house (haha).