Wednesday, November 12, 2008

:: A to the J ::

As I said before, Markus has been so fantastic in supporting me as a wife, mother and friend.  Being the wonderful man that he is, he gave me a gift for Jameson's birth.  This is a special treat that Markus wanted to get me and it brings a smile to my face just thinking about the love and thoughtfulness behind it!  Here is what came in the mail today.  I LOVE IT!!  It is shiny, whimsical, lovely, simple, precious, full of meaning, and will stay close to my heart.  This picture doesn't quite do it justice.

The A is for this little love of mine:
The J is for this little man who has stolen a new part of my heart:
Here are some of the gratuitous pictures I promised of Analise and Jameson getting to know one another...she is being such a great big sister.
Every day I am falling more in love with Markus and my munchkins!


Mrs. IbStarC said...

How precious! Just reading your post made me tear up a little. You have a very special family and I'm so happy to have you all in my life!
Lots of love from the desert...

Sally said...

I love that Jameson is smiling already! DO babies smile so soon or is he a child prodigy?!

I love that you're so happy Nini. I also love that you still have time to blog!

Lettner Family said...

Ha! Sally...I would like to say that Jameson is a child prodigy, but alas...this 'smile' is really the face before the all out scream started. The next picture on the camera was him with his mouth wide open in protest! Some babies smile early, like at two weeks old early, but Analise startes smiling on purpose at 4 weeks! We are looking forward to when Jameson is cute when he does it in his sleep.

The 3 Tyrrells said...

Seriously, I can't get over how cute your kids are, you seem to already be transitioning so well as a mommy of two... you are amazing! Love those precious "melting" moments...!

Anonymous said...

Lisi hat schon baby..Ana noch noch in Mamis Bauch..wann kommt das raus??? Anas comment to this blog which means "Lisi has already the baby..Ana not!..its still in Mummys belly..when does it come out????
good question!!
big hug
the Dengels