Friday, November 14, 2008

:: Weighing In ::

Today marked two weeks since Jameson was born and a trip to the doctor for his first well child visit.  Before we went to see the doctor, we wanted him to be squeaky clean so we popped him in the bath last night.  This was his second real bath since his umbilical cord fell off and he seems to like it.  He is very serious, yet content while bathing.
Once he realized we were taking pictures, he decided to ham it up for the camera.
His doctor visit went well.  He has gained a lot of weight!!  In just 11 days he has gained 1 pound 9 ounces weighing in at 9 lbs. 15 ozs. today!  My kids have no problem bulking up!  His length has changed a bit.  In the hospital, they measured him at 23 inches (with a tape measure) however at his appointment today they measured him at 21.5 inches (with a paper sheet). Either way, he is a bigger boy than we thought he would be.  

Here he is hanging with his dad:
I love these two men in my life. 


Stef said...

i love these pictures, Nini!
Kara goes for her 1st appointment
next week and I can't wait to see
how much she's grown.

faithsalutes said...

uh, so precious. you make beautiful children, no doubt about that.

Reno said...

Jameson is so, so handsome! So happy for you guys!

briandem said...

haha, yes, it was Emily who wrote it. We have used that joke forever too...I think it confuses people, but i'm glad that you got it. When Chris called to tell me he said, "Guess what? you're gonna be an Auntie again....wait, no you're're gonna be an uncle. I still need to come see you and your child and bring him his present...what a horrible person I am. I love him already though!