Thursday, October 23, 2008

:: The Contest Is Still On ::

Just wanted to let y'all know that the contest is STILL long as this little man keeps cooking there are still quite a few chances to win!  Most of the guesses were after my due date which was yesterday, October 22nd. 

We'll keep you posted and announce the winner when Jameson decides to make his debut!  We are ready to meet this little man!

For no particular reason, I like this picture.  Analise is working on stacking things.  This was her accomplishment today.


Stef said...

You do well with the camera. If I were taking a picture of a frog on a small pumpkin... lets just say people would wonder. :)

faithsalutes said...


hailey said...

PUSH!!!!! Maybe if you just push all day he will decide to come.

I think I've already lost the bet.

thebundle said...

I love that picture..she's an artist already!