Thursday, October 9, 2008

:: It's a Revolution ::

Just over a month ago, on Labor Day, some of our closest and dearest friends threw us a surprise baby shower barbecue.  We were blessed beyond words in so many ways.  The thoughtfulness and planning that went into making the day special for us was simply amazing.  Although some of the people weren't able to make it, their presence was felt and SO appreciated!

The surprise came when we were given a special gift from our friends (you know who you are).  Everyone chipped in and provided us with enough money to buy a double stroller!  This was/is such a huge blessing for our family!!  

After much advice, discussion, and research, we decided on this stroller:
I found a brand new one on Ebay for a fantastic price (precisely as much money as was given to us!) .  It arrived yesterday and Analise LOVES it!
She could not stop smiling while she sat in it, has already picked her side, and even let her baby sit next to her.  Let's hope she is as happy to share her new ride with Jameson!
There aren't enough words to express the thanks to those that made this stroller a possibility for us!  Much love from us!

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Stef said...

Oh, I've heard these are SO nice! I hope you enjoy it on your walks. My front wheel is old fashioned and doesn't swivel :( so one of these days we plan on investing in one that does.