Friday, October 10, 2008

:: Big Bed ::

Today, Analise decided that she wanted to sleep in her 'big bed'. We have been talking about it for quite some time as her big bed is in her room with her crib however, she has never shown any interest in doing anything with the bed other than using it for a trampoline. Today she kept saying, 'Lisi sleep in big bed'. Markus looked her in the eyes asked her very seriously if she really wanted to sleep in the big bed tonight. Her response was "Of Course!".

So we headed to Toys R' Us, bought a bed rail, had a ceremony of moving all of her 'friends' and her blanket to the big bed. Here is what her crib looks like now:
When it was time to go to bed, we did our normal routine, put her in the big bed and she took to it like that is where she has been sleeping since she was born. Tomorrow morning we will find out how well she can stay in her bed once she is awake.

I just went to check on her and this is what we found! For now, we consider this a victory! 
*This morning was sucessful as well!  She woke up as usual at 7:00ish and started knocking on the door.  When we didn't come immediately, she decided to play with her toys.  The trick now will be making sure she doesn't bang on the wall so as to wake the neighbors!  When we went in to get her the first thing she did was grab her phone and 'call' her friend Sammy and tell him she slept in a big bed all night by herself!  SO proud of her!  We'll see if we can repeat this victory!


Bethany said...

She called Sammy...that's precious! Tori transitioned in one night as well. It kind of surprised us how easy it was. She was almost 2. How are you feeling? Can't wait to meet your little guy.

Stef said...

this has made me cry with each of our kids. I had a really hard time with Rachel, because she decided at 17 months that she wanted to sleep in a big bed, just like her big brother. I wasn't pregnant yet and only saw it as "my baby isn't a baby anymore!!" :(
I'm kind of hoping Kara lasts in a crib a bit longer. :)

faithsalutes said...


Erin said...

Good for Annalise!

ilovelemonade! said...

yay. what a BIG girl!! she is becoming such a lovely lil lady....!!

hailey said...

She is so sweet. I could eat her up!