Thursday, October 23, 2008

:: She's Got My Feet ::

We love Analise's feet.  They are soft, squishy, small, and currently, quite chubby.  
We have been given some great pairs of shoes that we have not been able to use.  For example, my brother Reef and his wife Tawnisha bought Analise a super cute pair of sparkly green Pumas, but as hard as we tried, we couldn't squeeze her feetsies into these (I was so sad!):
All of this to say, that her little feet make buying shoes for her a bit difficult.    We have tried so many types of shoes and different brands, however her feet are too puffy to fit into them.   We have yet to be able to find mary janes, flip flops, or sandals that she can fit into properly.  In our great effort to find her some type of shoes that fit, the two brands that currently work on her are See Kai Run and Crocs.  We love See Kai Run shoes...they are nice and wide, however, she can only wear their 'trainers'.  This time, we decided to mix it up for her and instead of buying her third pair of the same pink and vanilla shoes - we went purple...she LOVES them!
Here's to See Kai Run for making a great shoe that fits our munchkin!


Stef said...

I love those shoes! Her feet look so cute in that picture. Rachel keeps asking if I can paint her tootsies and I keep forgetting. We'll have to have a Mommy-Daughter date soon. :)

Robin said...

Her feet are adorable!

We too love our See Kai Run shoes...own way too many between the 3 girls...but Emma loves her Pedipeds too....soft bottom and wide too.

Anonymous said...

I love Analise's shoes and feet. Maybe next time you should try cabbage patch shoes! If I remember correctly, they are round and tall!
Auntie Nay

Bethany said...

I bought boy shoes for Tori. They're wider. Double duty...they'll work for Siah too.