Thursday, August 21, 2008

:: Word Explosion ::

I have mentioned before that Analise is not a trick pony. She has a mind of her own and uses it when SHE wants to. She speaks when she wants to, not necessarily when she is asked. She has had quite a vocabulary in the past months, however last week her speech exploded. There is no other way to put it other than we had a WORD EXPLOSION. "Bubbles" has been a favorite word for a you can see in these pictures:All of a sudden new words started coming out of her mouth, sentences were being put together, mimicking started. Markus and I are still taken back every day recently by something new that she says.

Here are some of the new things she is saying (she had never put a sentence together before last week):

"zackly" (exactly)
"ib, lisi" (my brother and his new wife)
"amy, hass" (my brother and his wife)
"please AND thank you"
"doggies are SO nice"
"Remy is so cool"
"" (she forgets the three more times than not)
"amen, pray"
When asked if she wants to pray for brother she reaches through her crib to touch my tummy, and when asked who she wants to pray for, 'da-ee' is always first.
"red. stop"
Any time she hears music, she will stop and snap her fingers.
"bath, bubbles"
"sneaker" (I am finding out what I say a lot as she starts repeating me...uh oh!)
"bye bye, see you"
"hello ove" (hello love)
"li-yulls" (littles, our cat)
"thas cool"
"so nice"
"push baby" (when she wants to push the stroller)

There are so many more things that I cannot think of right now. I will be sure to update as she says more and more. It has been such a fun time with her. I am so proud of the girl that she is growing into, and thankful that she has been given to us.


Anonymous said...

I have to show Ana the pics of Lisi with the bubbles several times a day..she absolutly loves them!!!
Hey, what about some German/Austrian words..oh, oh,..I think Ana has to take care of that by herself..since uncle Markus seems to be a bit lazy????
we love you!

Stef said...

she is SO totally cute. Not just cute though, she's very pretty. I can't wait to hear how she does with her new little brother. I bet she's going to be super helpful and just oh, so cute to watch.