Thursday, August 21, 2008

:: Wedding Craze ::

I have been somewhat MIA in the blog world as last week was filled with the hustle and bustle of my brother's wedding. My dear brother Ib and his fiance Lisa arrived at our place last Wednesday evening with their two fabulous dogs , Vinnie and Cooper, in tow. From that moment on, it was a busy week of airport runs, hosting, helping with wedding stuff, and enjoying family time. My entire family came to the wedding, which is special, considering there are quite a few of us and none of them live here in Santa Cruz other than Markus and I.

As much as I like to take pictures, I pathetically did not get ONE SINGLE PICTURE of my family while they were here. Between all of the company, helping here and there and running after Analise, I was a lost cause regarding pictures. Ugh! Thankfully everyone else had their cameras out, so I expect to be getting some good pics soon that I will post soon. Here are two I grabbed from my sister's myspace page. (yes, that is Robert Namba marrying them)
The wedding was fantastic, beautiful, fun, relaxed - overall a great time! I am proud of my brother, and I must say, his choice for a wife couldn't have been better. Lisa is just fantastic, and she is one of the best aunties too! Ib and Lisa love her so well, and she loves them just as much. She also loves the dogs and the first thing out of her mouth every morning now is, "doggies are so nice!". The other night when I asked Analise who she wanted to pray for she said, 'da-ee (daddy), mom, ib, lisa, doggies'. It melts my heart to hear her want to pray for my brother and his wife.
Lisa has a special touch with my daughter. Analise really adores her and wants to be around her whenever they are near...especially when the dogs are with her. Welcome to the family Lisa! We sure love you lots!

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