Thursday, August 21, 2008

:: Little Miss Kiss...Oye! ::

Analise has grown leaps and bounds in the past two weeks. One of the things she has decided to change is her affection level for others. She has never been a very snuggly child, not even when she was a baby. When asked to give someone a hug, she may consent 2 out of 10 times. While my whole family was here for a wedding last week, she decided that she would hug and kiss everyone, but only family members.

Rowan Murray came over the other day to play and she decided that she would just up and give him a kiss. What?!? She just went for it...binky and all! Rowan wasn't too sure what to think of it all at first, but according to the pictures, he didn't seem to mind too much! We have a lot to teach our little girl about being 'old fashioned' and letting the man do the pursuing!


Erin said...

That is too funny - seeing that series of photos. Rowan's face is classic.

faithsalutes said...

best post ever.