Saturday, August 9, 2008

:: Iron Chef Markus Lettner ::

For the past few years, Markus has really enjoyed cooking.  The Food Network is the most watched channel in this house, and Sunday nights at 9 o'clock is Iron Chef time.  He likes to try new recipes, and he is almost fanatical about mastering charcoal grilling.   He even reads books on how and where the coals should be placed in order to cook things to perfection. He is rarely intimidated by seemingly tricky recipes and he is always willing to try something 'gourmet'.  Some of the delicious things he has made include a mustard and herb crusted rack of lamb, garlic grilled beer can chicken, slow cooked barbecue ribs, and his latest favorite - Dijon and herb glazed cornish game hen.  The secret ingredient: orange peel.  Here are some pictures of our delicious game hens that he cooked for us last night.  Had we not been so famished, I may have tried to dress up the plate a bit to enhance the look of this goodness.  The rice we had on the side didn't look as pretty as the lone hen.  I think he did a fantastic job!  They tasted even better than they looked!  
Here is to a husband who is willing to step in the kitchen every now and then and cook up his own fantastic meal for my enjoyment!  


Jessica Hoff said...

Yay! Markus! I'm coming over... those look absolutely delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hey,...when can we come over??? ...very impressive bruderherz!!!