Tuesday, July 8, 2008

:: The Best Goodness ::

Tonight Markus and I ate pure goodness!  While living in New Zealand, we used to frequent a tiny hole-in-the-wall Indian food place in Hamilton called Chef's International.  We would order a dish called 'Butter Chicken' every time.  

Before you sneer at the thought of 'Butter Chicken', let me give you the description of it: "Tandoori-roasted, shredded chicken tossed in a creamy tomato sauce - a preferred North
 Indian delicacy".  It is one of the tastiest, best things you will eat.  We have NEVER been able to find an Indian restaurant that serves Butter Chicken the same way Chef's International did.  After four and a half LONG years we have finally found our Butter Chicken!!
A new Indian restaurant opened ON OUR STREET today!  It is called Ambrosia India Bistro.
Apparently there is one in Monterey as well and they have repeatedly won 'Restaurant of the Year' awards.  Well, they have won our hearts because they have Butter Chicken that is almost exactly like the Butter Chicken from New Zealand.  Let's just say...tonight, we ate PURE GOODNESS!  Our tummies are full and we are oh so happy!


Sally said...

Mmmm... I remember that Butter Chicken. It was amazing. Aaron and I ate there too... Beware the New Zealand butter chicken. It leads to marriage. :)

big hair betty said...

This sounds GREAT!

Anonymous said...

is it the new owner of the "Bleu Spoon"????? looks delicious..how many times a week do you order this now???

CAjohnsonfamily said...

I was telling Allen that a new Indian restaurant was opening on your street. Indian food is one of our favorites! Hopefully we will be able to try it soon!

Bethany said...

We've been on the same search. Can't wait to try it. Seriously, we order it everywhere and try to make it from every jar sauce or packet I can find but to our disappointment nothing has compared to their butter chicken. Wow, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Now if there was only a McCafe and Warehouse around the corner we'd be set.

KayakBC said...

Funny, I was just thinking about how good that New Zealand Butter Chicken was the other day.

It's also pretty easy to make from scratch, and freezes really well.

B&E said...

You are kidding! Life just got a bit better after reading your post. I love that more than half the people who commented on this have actually been to Chef's International for butter chicken, awesome! Now your next mission.....to find something that parallels Judeez Master Kebabs :-) Ready, GO!