Thursday, July 17, 2008

:: A Few Reasons to Smile ::

When she sits down, Analise crosses her feet. She started this during her feedings when she was just about one week old. I love her feet.Lately Analise has been wanting to walk in my shoes everywhere she goes. When she can't find my shoes, she puts her feet in her plastic rings and walks around like she is wearing high heels. This is one of the funniest things to watch. The picture doesn't quite do it justice.When it is sunny outside, we like to play in the water in the back yard. She will spend at least an hour transporting water from one bucket to the other. She also likes to have her hair in a ponytail so it doesn't get in the way.
As previously posted, she likes boxes. I went to Costco the other day and got a box to put our things in and since then she has been using this box as a car. In the morning and after her naps, the first word out of her mouth is 'BOX'. She puts all of her stuffed animals in the box and pushes it around. She will get in and out and pretend it is a car. She sits in it and says, 'READY' - the cue to push her in the box. A simple box brings great joy!Some other things that make us smile lately:
- The way she dances as soon as any music comes on.
- When you ask where 'Brother' is she runs to my tummy and hugs it.
- She says Mee-No instead of Nemo when she sees goldfish crackers.
- She walks around 'fake' laughing until one of us laughs, then she will let out a real one.
- When she says our friends names, such as Jess, Ashey (Ashley), Shellee (Shelley), Staci, Nay (Renee).
- She will only eat feeding herself with a fork or spoon now, yet she still turns it upside down before putting it in her mouth and if it isn't 'stabbed' or stuck to the fork, there nothing is left to go in her mouth.
- She asks for hugs and kisses.
- She runs up to Markus and touches his glasses and says, 'gasses'.
- She says 'nein' ('no' in German) and tschuess ('bye' in German).
- If she gets disciplined by one of us, she will run to the other to see if we will get her out of it (it never works).
- When she lights up and jumps up and down when Markus gets home from work.
- When she runs to the bathroom at night to brush her teeth and knocks on the door.

There are so many more things...I will save them for later and hopefully have some more pics. We are also trying to teach her what privacy is - she knows she is supposed to knock on a closed door before opening it. Here is a picture of her barging in on me in the bathroom as I was taking a pic of the new haircut. People have been asking to see what it looks like is my hair on a 'normal' day.


B&E said...

Loving the new are one hot mama! I have been horrible with the phone lately, so sorry I haven't called. I miss my Nuraini!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful ladies!!!.. ana likes the painted toenails of lieschen...maybe we should come for "pic- a- colour"... lots of love wernie&clau&ana

faithsalutes said...

Her haircut looks good on a normal day too.

Erin said...

You paint your daughter's toenails?!! Too funny. And, really cute. That picture is great.

Bonnie said...

This post made ME smile! I can only imagine how cute it would be to hear such a little one speaking German :)
Oh, and your new haircut looks FABULOUS Nini! I think the two of us would like quite "twin-ish" if we stood next to each other :) Isn't it fun to have it short again!?

Mrs. Schwager said...

you're right, those are very cute toes.