Wednesday, July 23, 2008

:: Dates are Fun ::

At different times throughout the day, Analise likes to play with her stuffed animals and dolls. Here she is first thing in the morning having a 'milk date' with all of her friends. I realize these are more 'box pictures'...they will be the last, I promise.
Sharing with Remy
Analise and I have a 'reading date' every night before bed. She looks at books throughout the day, however each night we sit and read a book of her choice together. Last night, our good friend Staci came over with her girl Ryan and hung out with Analise for us so we could go out on a date. Here is a picture of me reading the Bible to the girls before bedtime.
As I mentioned above, Markus and I were able to go out on a 'real date' last night. We have only been out alone about 6 times since Analise came along, so it was much needed and much fun! We headed over to Seabright Brewery, ate some tasty pub food, laughed a lot, and had some great conversations, including the topic of boy names (which are very hard to agree upon). More on that later...we think we have a winner, but Markus tends to change his mind a lot. If he is still sold on it tomorrow, I will let y'all know.We then headed to the Beach Boardwalk to play some arcade games and eat Dippin' Dots. We both love Dippin' Dots, however you can only get them at the Boardwalk around here, so at least once per year we head down there to get a cup of the ice cream goodness. If you haven't had Dippin' Dots, you don't know what you are missing. We played lots of pinball, fighting games, car games, and motorcycle games. I got creamed at air hockey (I am really quite terrible at air hockey ... I don't stand a chance). Markus got creamed at Tekken 4...I kicked butt, beat him the first round and then went on to beat quite a few more opponents. This is why we don't have a Sony Play Station. I like video games too much.

It was a great 'date filled' day. Here is to more dates with your loved ones!

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Sally said...

How many times have I been to the mall and seen dipping dots? Millions! Yet I have never dared to dip the dots. You have inspired me!