Thursday, May 1, 2008

:: Rowan Right Along ::

This is Rowan Murray. He is so much fun! He can squinch his nose up just like his mom, he likes to pet our cat, and Rowan is one fast kid! He can make quite a cool car noise, and he is the best growler I have yet to meet! He and Analise like to play together.
Today Rowan and his mom, my dear friend Lauren, came over to hang out with us. Rowan has made an appearance on this blog before, but not nearly enough! We had a great time watching he and Analise play together. He quickly won the way to her heart by bringing her a pink and gold sparkly pinwheel (which just happens to be one of her current obsessions - along with kites and flags). After Rowan left she found as many ways as possible to carry the pinwheel where ever she goes. Her latest carrying creation is in her block container.
Here are some pictures of Analise and Rowan playing together.Here are my favorite pictures of Rowan from the day. He is so much fun! He gets just as excited about seeing a ball as Analise does! "Ball! Ball! Ball!" That seems to be the slogan around this house!

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Anonymous said...

Isn´t it fun to see our girls play with their little friends... it´s just good special fun-time to watch them!!! I do like these pics..what a big girl she is!!!