Tuesday, March 18, 2008

:: What Makes Me Smile ::

There are lots of things that Analise does that make Markus and I smile.

For example:

- When she tries to play hide and seek by running back and forth behind the couch and pops out saying "BOO!"
- When she lets Markus give her funny bubble bath hair do's:
- When she rubs her nose back and forth so she can hear it make a clicking noise.
- When she bounces up and down with excitement when Markus comes home.
- When she 'toots' and laughs about it.
- When she offers to give you an "O" or a fishy cracker, puts it in your mouth, then takes it out really fast and pops it in her mouth - little tease!
- When she says "SHOE" as soon as we ask where her shoes are.
- When she growls if you ask her what a tiger says.
- When she laughs so hard she can't stand up.
- When she RUNS to the bathroom before bed to get her teeth brushed.

There are SOOO many things that make us smile about Analise, but the thing that makes me smile every night when I check on her before I go to sleep is the way she sleeps on her tummy with her buns straight up in the air! (Not to mention the fact that she sleeps from 7:00pm to 7:00am! - that is worth smiling about!)

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itstrivial said...

What a totally cute Patoot!