Thursday, March 27, 2008

:: Easter and an Update ::

I am way behind in an's been a busy, tiring week!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. On Saturday we went over to the Hoff house. Jessica planned a really beautiful, thoughtful, and fun morning for the little people in our lives. The weather was just fantastic, and the kids were quite joyful over all. The morning started with the little ones cutting and decorating their own cookies with sprinkles. Analise and Ryan have never had a ball of fresh cookie dough just sitting in front of them...needless to say...they liked it!
While the kids were decorating cookies, the dads were hiding the easter eggs. Then it was an all out hunt for eggs filled with O's, fish crackers, gummies, m&m's, and some chocolate for the older kids. It was quite funny watching all of the kids walking around and finding eggs. Trying to convince Analise to pick up all of the eggs she saw was quite comical. She would just pick an egg up, shake it and drop it.
Analise even wore a skirt for the fun day! Her shirt (from her auntie Lisa) says Best Bunnies!
After the egg hunt Jess's parents told a wonderful, interactive, pint sized story about how much Jesus loves us and why we celebrate Easter.
We even got some of our only family photos. Jess snapped two of them. It is tricky to get one picture where we all look presentable!

We had a great weekend and we are looking forward to this coming weekend as well. I have a birthday coming, and Markus gets to play poker with the guys. Our friend Dan is coming down for the weekend, and we get to celebrate Jackson Lutz's birthday too! Analise now is saying "up", "duhk"(duck), "da"(that means dog). She also can sign 'please' and 'thank you'. If you ask her to tickle you, she will lift up your shirt and tickle your belly.

We walk every morning down at the beach and see flowers, birds and dogs. She likes to hold a flower, smell it, then start to eat it...until I take it away. She likes to point at the birds as they fly over her head. When she sees a dog she gets so excited, points and squeaks and stares at the dog as long as she can. Sometimes she even gets to pet the dogs. Even when I am so tired, she knows just what to do to brighten my yesterday when I was on the floor and she walked over to me, gave me a kiss and a hug, then went back to playing with her books.


Bonnie said...

Sounds like the perfect litte Easter! I love the family photos of you three! You all look awesome... and Analise just gets cuter every day!

Oh and I have to admit that I am SO jealous that you get to walk at the beach every morning. I think its time for us to move to the coast :)

Happy Birthday too!! Hope your day is tons of fun.

Krista said...

I should go walking with you! Elijah's favorite part about the walks to the beach are the birds as well. Lately we have taken to stopping on the sand for a little bit and he loves that too. How early do you go? We're not super early risers, but maybe next week sometime?

B&E said...

I love everything that you wrote about! Analise will be twelve by the next time I see her at the rate we are going here! We need to have you guys over for dinner ASAP....and your b-day is on saturday, woo-hoo! Ok, i'm rambling. I'm new this whole blog thing. I think its more interesting reading everyone else's then updating my own....

big hair betty said...

I LOVE the skirt picture! I hope you have a GREAT birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

great people ...great family pics! thank you, my best schwägerina for the nice update...we still miss - you at least once a day...every nice dress, t-shirt, pants....everything from socks to hats somehow makes my little girl say "nini"!!! wonder why?????
big hug