Saturday, March 15, 2008

:: What? Me Quirky? Never! ::

I've been tagged by Erin. This is the first time I have been tagged, so this is a bit new to me. I have to post 6 quirks about myself...only 6!?!? Trying to narrow it down is tricky!

Here's the deal -

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag at least 3 people.
5. Make sure the people you tagged know you tagged them by commenting to them.

I am choosing to tag Jessica, Sarah, and Sally.

My quirks:
1.) I have a strange affinity for numbers. I memorize all kinds of numbers. I know all of my old phone numbers from everywhere I have lived. I know all of my old license plates. I know more birthdays and anniversaries than anyone should know. I count EVERY thing. I count my steps where ever I go. There are 15 stairs to get to my laundry room. It takes 17 steps to get to my car from the hallway (without Analise walking next to me), etc., etc.

2.) I am currently mildly obsessed with playing "scramble" (basically an online Boggle game). I like to win, and it challenges my brain. I like it.

3.) I have a very specific routine when I get ready for bed and I do not stray from it...ever...regardless of where I am. I remove eye makeup. I floss. I brush. I wash face with hot water and washcloth. I put lotion on face. I go to the bathroom. Every time. All the time. My morning routine is always the same too. Shower. Hair in towel. Face lotion. Body lotion. Hair out of towel. Run fingers through hair (no brush). Pull out loose hair. Put hair stuff in. Scrunch hair. Get dressed. Put make up on. Done. Every time. All the time. Markus used to find it charming. Four years later he just rolls his eyes.

4.) I LOVE cheese, and I LOVE eggs....HOWEVER, I can only eat a certain amount of cheese and eggs before they make me gag. For example, if I am eating an omelet (which I love) and I have had too much...there is always the one bite, it could be the last, or there could be quite a bit left, that I can barely choke down and makes me shiver and shake my head like I am about to gag. Markus always laughs at me when this happens.

5.) I don't like bones. I can't stand touching bones with my bones. If I am sitting next to Markus and his ankle bone is touching my shin bone, I can't stand it. Hip bones, toe bones, elbows touching hips...ugh...can't stand it!

6.) I do not like any kind of water other than plain water. I do not like lemon or lime in my water. I cannot stand seltzer water, or fizzy water. I just like plain water. Can be from the tap, but most often times has to be filtered. I don't mind bottled water, but just don't give me any bubbles. Traveling in Europe is not ideal for this quirk of mine! I paid $5.00 for plain, non fizzy water in Switzerland once!

There you have it. Some random quirks about yours truly!


sarah said...

Love it. yep, LOVE it and love getting to know the Nini! I will post soon, but I have to think...which 6 quirks do I post? Only 6? Who to I tag? oh...such decisions.

Stef said...

the number thing sounds too much like me. I never knew there was two of us! :)

Also, don't floss before you brush! Its not good for your gums. Always floss afterward. Oh, my dentist would be so proud. :)

Lettner Family said...

Stef...I floss before I brush in order to get any gunk out so I can brush it away. I never like it when the dentist flosses my teeth after...then I feel like I have to brush all over again! Ha ha! was hard to pick just six!

Bonnie said...

i love your "quirks" Nini! i think you and i are similar in more ways than i ever imagined :)

faithsalutes said...

i have no idea what having a routine is like...but i appreciate them...yours sounds like it makes life very simple amongst the chaos, i like.

big hair betty said...

Paul and Jen Legge's new baby, Peter, was born on my and your bro's bday! Are you still using Glide?

Erin said...

So, you count your steps all the time? Or, places where you go often? Or?

Heike said...

I love gassy water (even with apple juice), its so refreshing =) but since NZ I'm drinking plain water too. Way easier to get when you're living on your own in downtown.