Sunday, March 2, 2008

:: Music that Moves ::

Believe it or not, Markus and I have only bought ONE toy for Analise. All of the others have been given to us. For her first birthday we bought her a xylophone. She loves music, and she loves to make music. Every time she hears music, whether it be on the tv, radio, or even our cell phones ringing, she starts to dance.

She loves her xylophone. Every day we ask her to play us a song and she will stop what she is doing and walk over to her piano and start to bang on it. She likes to pick it up and carry it all around until she finds the perfect place to play her songs. Here are some pictures of our little maestro and her mobile piano.


Anonymous said...

I think I had something along those lines when I was little. Only mine came with a wooden mallet of sorts that doubled as a weapon :).

Erin said...

Gillian is a total groover, too - music, cell phones, sewing machines... anything with rythym. We should get the girls together for a dance party!
Oh. And, what amazing restraint to have only bought 1 toy. Good for you guys!!