Sunday, March 2, 2008

:: What ONE looks like ::

It is really fun to try and teach Analise new things. Sometimes she catches on to things so quickly. One day I asked how old she was and I showed her with my finger what "one" looks like. I only did it a few times one morning. Later that afternoon, I asked her how old she was and she stuck her hand in the air and pointed one finger! I was so pleased!

Analise is NOT a trick pony. She only performs when SHE wants to, however when she does, it is so fun. The 'how old are you?' trick is one of my favorite things right now. Her chubby hands and fingers are just so great to look at when she points. Sometimes if you ask her when she is walking, she will just put her arm all the way up and just point. Too cute.

"Analise. How old are you?""That's right...I'm O-N-E!"


itstrivial said...

I love those chubby little fingers. She looks like such a fab little person. You are really blessed Nini. And I don't mean that lightly or tritely.

Stef said...

Oh my goodness, Nini... the pig tails, the showing her age, the pictures! She is so cute! She suddenly looks like a very big girl too. It seems to happen after they turn one. :(

Erin said...

That seems really smart of her!! And, it is really, really cute!